32K AAC+ on Icecast KH
New Player Page Demo This player plays on just about every desktop browser, as well as most iPhones & iPads. This page represents your website page opening under your domain. When the listener clicks on the player button the player page opens as a full-page player launch page under the StreamLicensing domain. When the play button on the player button is pressed the player starts to play, minimizes to a popup window player and remains open under the StreamLicensing domain, AND reopens your website. This meets copyright law and our agreements with BMI and etc. It is insanely easy to install. You can get your website legal and copyright compliant immediately AND have a player that plays on iPhones as well. You no longer need an app for most iPhones and iPads! Just send your IOS listeners to your website. To try it now, click on the button below.
Installation Instructions If you need help with any of the following log into your StreamLicensing account and start a service ticket. Steps 1-3 are not optional. You must complete them for continued StreamLicensing Coverage. Step 1 If you are a new StreamLicensing you must first enter your Station(s) and Stream(s) in your StreamLicensing monitor panel. Click Here for Station/Stream entry Tutorials. Step 2 Once your station and stream is installed you can grab your player code and install it. Here are the instructions for installing your new Copyright Compliant Player: 1) Log into your StreamLicensing Account, choose Client Area, Look on right under Quick Links and choose My Streams, on your My Streams page look under the listing for your streams and click on the edit icon for each stream for which you want a player (look for the little pencil icon). Once your stream edit window opens, scroll down to the buttons. 2) Choose the button you want, click on it and copy the HTML code. 3) Now open your website editing software and paste the HTML code in wherever you want your Listen Button. Now publish your website and your are done! 4) All players or player launch links on your domain must be deleted and replaced with your new StreamLicensing Player Button. Once this is done, you are on the air with a copyright compliant website and player page. Step 3 Add our Validation Banner to your Website. Do this only after Steps 1 and 2 are properly completed. To add our banner, copy this jpeg and add to your Website Index page. Advanced Website Player Pages  If you prefer, you can  build your own player page and host it in your custom folder at StreamLicensing to meet copyright law. For tutorials for advanced player page building see here. (We will advise but not build this page for you. If you need help on building your own advanced player page start a Service Ticket and we will hook you up with a Freelance Website Designer for a quote.)
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