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Please Remember Our Listeners’ Needs In Your Prayers
April 10 My husband had a stroke in 2011 and he cannot use his left side; now we found out this year he has cancer. Please pray for him and me. Glenn keeps saying he is going to walk again. Pray God gets the glory out of all we may go through. I would love to see Glenn get healed from the cancer and walk again. We know God does not heal everyone on this earth but this is not our home. In God We Do Trust. April 08 I World appriciate Prayers for my Financial Situation.a friend of Mine boroughed Somer Money from me, and has Not Yet been able to payit back, Yet.She is waiting for Some mone which Belangs to her.Please pray that she becomes the Money very Soon.I am an early pensioner and Need the Money dearly.God Bless (From Germany). April 07 Pray for my husband Ed as he has some mild, sporadic memory confusion. All of his tests have come out great. He has one more EEG on June 30th and depending on the outcome he may or may not be able to go back driving the school buses we need the finances. He does have to much red blood which he gets checked every 3 mohths and when it is to high they take the blood and throw it out. He also had B-12 tests done and the doctors seem to think that his problem may be blood related. He won't know the resuts of this B-12 tests till after July 1st. Jobs are hard to find and the only job available in the past was for him driving the school bus. He's 84 and is in good health otherwise. Thank you and May God Bless You Aways. April 07 Pray for Jim and Yung (and our families and those we love). Pray God will completely heal us and keep us. Pray God will move in us by the Holy Spirit in endless ways. Very simply, pray God will help us in everything, in everything. – there is no email. April 06 I am waiting for a taxi license to arrive in the mail. Please pray for me,that the license will arrive soon in the mail.The sooner it arrive;the sooner I can start working again.I love you all.And Jehovah God blesses you all.Thank you. April 04 I just lost my wife of 38 wonderful years together, our love stood the test of time and our vows remained intact. I am enduring so much pain and hurt that there are times I dont want to go on. Please pray, that Precious Lord, will take my hand and lead me on... April 04 Would you please pray for my son and my granddaughter who are struggling with family issues over in Denmark? Thank you so very much. March 29 Hi...thanks for praying for us. We are both retired and I am needing a part time job. Things are pretty tough as we all know. Please for us for a financial blessing and a job for me... Thanks and bless you all... Rickman, TN. March 29 Please pray for me, as I have lost my singing voice. It's my Prayer that God will restore my voice, so I can sing His Praises, and Glorify Him. That He will get all the Praise and Glory for it. March 26 Pray for my sister. She is a widow with 8 children, ages 4-22. Her oldest son has been wounded by Christians and stopped going to church. Pray that he could experience healing. My sister is so concerned for him and also they struggle financially. She feels so stressed that she feels she could die from it. March 26 Please help me and my family in prayer for my now 30yr old son Krishan who remains in a vegetative state after collapsing on a baseball field when he was only 15yrs. Pray god that Krishan will be delivered from his illness and his suffering. March 17 My husband's law firm has not had clients of substance for about a year now. We have been sitting still in faith. We need prayer for good business to come in soon. Thank you for praying. March 08 I am very depressed, not who I go, I'm praying but it sePlease help me and my family in prayer for my now 30yr old son Krishan who remains in a vegetative state after collapsing on a baseball field when he was only 15yrs. Pray god that Krishan will be delivered from his illness and his suffering. ems not to be working, please pray for me. March 07 Please pray for my grandchildren __________ and _______ to pass in flying colours in their exams which are on now as this is the main exam for their further college enrollment. God bless you. March 07 Please join me in praying for the situation in Ukraine. I pray that there would be a peaceful and just outcome in that country. March 04 Please pray for me for health and prosperity. Am just working hand to mouth and I need a proper place to live. I Claim it now in the name of Jesus. I crave your prayers now.
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6-7  NKJV).
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