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Please Remember Our Listeners’ Needs In Your Prayers
September 14 Please God if it be in your will then help our ozone layer to heal itself In Jesus Christ Name I pray and say Thank you Amen September 11 Pray for full spiritual restoration for me and salvation for my family. September 08 Pray for Jim and Yung, Izzy, Noreen and Cheryl and our families (and those we love too). We NEED miracles and breakthroughs, pray God will give them. Pray God will fully heal, deliver and keep us. Pray God will help us love each other unselfishly and that Jesus will be THE FOUNDATION of our relationship. Pray God will help us with HIS new calling/career that He has for us. Pray God will keep ALL bad influences OUT of our lives. Also, pray God will pour out the Holy Spirit on us. Pray for a REAL and UNENDING MOVE of the Holy Spirit to come upon us. And pray God will also help us in EVERY other area of our lives giving us HIS helpers to help us. – there is no email here September 02 Please pray for the Lady of my life. [She] has Ovarian and stomach cancer. She is a loving Christian Lady with tons of Faith. August 30 Please pray God to deliver me from evil August 29 Hi, please pray for my lungs to completely heal. I smelled minute dust particles from the car dashboard and my lungs got sensitive from it. I play guitar in church services too and want to serve the Lord with all of my heart. Thank you. August 29 pray for my daughter Becky and her husband Frank they are living with me until January, praying for them to find their own place and for us to get back to some sort of normal life. Becky looking for a better paying job. August 28 Please pray for my son _____. He is having financial difficulties and personal problems from an unwanted divorce where he has a minor child 7 years old. He wants to move back to his HOME state and start over. He needs security and prayers from all of us in making such an important decision! Thank you August 25 I ,m going through a Divorce and I need a new Locall good paying Job, too. the Lord is good I go to a good church here in _________. and I listen to you on line.what a great statition.I love it.Thank you. August 24 Please keep my mom in prayers, she may have to go on dialysis, will find out in two weeks. August 24 For the past nearly thirty years, since 1986, I've been hearing someone spying on me. Also, since 1981, I've been diagnosed with the genetic condition, Gilbert's Syndrome, an inherited mutation in which the enzyme that usually breaks down the liver fat-digestion byproduct, bilirubin, is less active or inactive. From the resultant jaundice, I get tired more often and easily than most people. . . . Can you please pray for me to be freed from the suffering that I've been experiencing. . .? August 24 Prayer request...Please pray for ______..going to court soon..May the will of the father be done. Please pray for ________...Medical issues. Please pray for _____..Needs deliverance from addictions...Thank you. August 21 I'am requesting for a prayer for a big fiancial breakthrough to help others in need more and to pay off back bills and other debts. And pray for my family . . . . Thank you for prayers. August 17 prayer request for my brother-in law he has leukemia needs a miracle. August 14 Please pray that my son will repent and not keep me and my three year old grandson apart any longer. God bless all of you who care in Jesus name. August 14 Hi my brothers and sisters at all Southern Gospel radio please say a prayer for me it was down to 60 last night and tonight and tomorrow do you have any idea how hard that makes my life it is the middle of August I do not have the right clothes for that but nobody cares maybe GOD maybe not .GOD richly bless you brother August 10 Pray for my Mom ____. She fell and broke her hip, had surgery going thru rehab 6 weeks worth. Was placed in a nursing home. I know my heavenly father will heal her to walk again. When two or more agree in his name. I am asking please pray for mom and agree in his name. Thank you God bless. August 06 my daughter ______ and son-in-law ______ are now living with me until January. pray for my sanity that i can get through it and they can move to their new place and a good job for _____ so she can afford to move into their own place. we've had ALOT of stuff happen in the past three months and it's really tough.
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6-7  NKJV).
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