Here is an estimate of our basic operating costs per month.  The music royalty fees vary based on several factors.  No salaries are paid, all work is volunteer and incidental expenses are paid out of our pockets. Internet server and bandwidth lease:    $215.00 Music Royalty and Performance Fees:   288.20 News Service (IRN USA News)  50.00                                             ______ Total out-of-pocket regular expenses    $553.20 As of March 21 our estimated basic operating expenses are paid through about January 29.  We thank you and praise God for His and your faithfulness!
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If you would like to help All Southern Gospel Radio stay online you can donate here.  Monthly Broadcast Cost: $553.  Your gift of $19.00 pays for one broadcast day.    Received in Feb. $371.00 Received in March $345.
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